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$IR DAJON - $weet Sixteen (Buffalo Song) lyrics

Buffalo raps n***a, these Buffalo raps
Buffalo raps n***a, these Buffalo raps
Buffalo raps, yo

[Verse 1: $IR DAJON]
I'm from the city where the crackheads never taking a day off
And the football team never making the playoffs, it's way off
When the Nickel City cops lie and we pop eyes just tryna order some Popeyes
And the shots fly through the young adolescents
Who snatched a necklace and just, acting reckless and packing weapons
In the back of his Levis
But I'm working hard I ain't slacking with these rhymes
My city bad when you near alot of hearses
And the kids are leaving churches for the Marijuana purchase
And you hear yo momma cursing
She just tryna make it better
She want to see you graduate instead of aim berettas
I went to Hutchinson Central
Been close to kinfolk frontin' when ends low
A few tough guys was trying and they dared me
I got cannons that Mariah couldn't carry (Carey)

[Verse 2: $IR DAJON]
It's just the Buffalo lifestyle
Gangfights and model chicks turning to dykes now
We getting put down look around it ain't a star
Angels got wings but we stuck with the Anchor Bar
New Jays and the hypes go sell a pair never played ball but always up at Delaware, looking hella scared
Cause the generation stressed
Take a trip for some chips and the penetrate ya vest
Still innovate the best to eliminate the rest
I'm in a state, where dinner dates leading up to s** and ya enemies will flex if ya similes can stretch
And they claim to be ya friend but making moves with ya ex
And you make a couple songs but the dudes not impressed cause you didn't say "b**h" or bring up j**els around ya neck
With the bullsh**, you can miss me
It may sound bad but i rep the Sixteen

It's just the Sweet Sixteen, spit mean cause Buffalo is really what it seems
It's just the Sweet Sixteen, I spit mean cause Buffalo is really what it seems

[Verse 3: $IR DAJON]
In Buffalo it's not a hero in there
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But i guarantee you'll probably find Heroin there
Spittin' this rare sh**
Getting stuck in ya head like a hair pin
Hear this, you n***as sounding lyrically impaired with
That wack talk and claiming you bout that Twitter beef
I don't got time I cherish moments that bittersweet
The centerpiece of the inner East I'm the bigger beast on the rise so my tracks got a bit of yeast
They sell reggie in the stores when
You say no then they try to get it forced in, that's just extortion
Like lil' homie I got the fire
Go grab a lighter cause this sh** is torchin'
They tryna make a fortune
But a portion of the fortune ain't affording an abortion or some porcelain
Now you looking at the floor spin
A little orphan who should've listened to the courts when they a**orted the courses you said was so boring
Ignoring the sources
Now you morphin' into a corpse but of course you didn't absorb the orbit
Ya parents crying and whinin' (wine-ing) we gotta cork them
They getting eaten alive we gotta fork them
You gotta stand up for yourself and enforce before the tabloids fake it
Full head of stream like an asteroid flamin'
Cause they never wanna see a young black boy make it!
But I'm rising to the top and I'm puttin' my foot down
Projection in my voice look at who getting shook now
It's not me it's not me so you can miss me
It's not me it's not me so you can miss me
It's not me it's not me you can miss me
Flight Squad $IR DAJON these n***as wanna diss me
I don't care I got love for my city
I don't care I got love for my city

It's just the Sweet Sixteen n***a
It's just the Sweet Sixteen
Reality ain't a dream, and Buffalo is actually what it seems

Shout out Flight Squad
Shout out Shaq Jones
Shout out Bob Dans
Shout out Marc Griffin
Shout out John
Shout out to Zeeky
Shout out TheNiteShift....and K
Shout out to Alejandro
Shout out to my mom, word!

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