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$IR DAJON - NyQuil lyrics

$IR DAJON so you must heard (mustard)

[Verse 1: $IR DAJON]
I'm drinking Heineken, I can't feel my spine again reminding myself that I gotta take a pint of vitamins
Put down the Vicodin it's bad for my Nitrogen, inviting kids over to play with spiders and viruses
My mom told me "don't cut up" like psoriasis or I'll be stuck for life asking "Do you want fries with this?"
I like the Knicks cause they tough like a Tyson fist and I like my lips cause all they spit is enlightenment
I'm pricing it, rapping is expensive I'm reviving it with Q-tips for the ear while I add a bit of Phife to it
Abusing tracks to add a bit of ice to it
I'm nice with it, I spit like I'd fight white psychiatrist
Slow it down for the specimen
This circle of veterans is kicking it in the purplest lettermans, sip and slurping the beverage
Lookin' for the refreshments, I can school you like an incoming freshman
Ima keep it straight up like erections
Switched flows I keep a sick flow get ya lips swoll
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With a quick hit from my wrist to ya mental, no credentials spitting like it is habitual
Ask this individual leave you bloody like menstruals, stop the minerals from getting to the embryos
Want a silly note I'm into hoes that are into HOV and the intervals giving soul to my centerfold

[Hook x2]
That's sick ninja
I guarantee you lovin' how I spit ninja
Catch you slipping when the night real
Put em to sleep when I rap about the NyQuil

[Verse 2: $IR DAJON]
If I wanna make it then I got to act right
It's time to stack right and stop talking to them wack dykes
It's still racist even though they gave blacks rights, probably cause we all in the wrong tryna rap right
I spit dope like my lyrics was a crack pipe
And I'm on fire like the flame when the match strike
Flight Squad grinding like a half pipe, n***a!

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