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$IR DAJON - In$IRt (intro) lyrics

[Verse 1: $IR DAJON]
I can
Body these flows with the snottiest nose
Mobbin' deep causing Havoc only prodigy knows (nose)
I'm out of control, my hands are shaking, I'm tweakin'
Internal bleeding feeling my mind leaking, just this weekend
It wasn't a problem though
Somebody tell me how I ended up in this hospital with this
Nurse above me the verse is lovely but I feel pain like I got hurt from rugby
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You need to start this operation, concentrate and, make sure that you not mistaken
His constipation is from, the rare surgery when he wakes up he'll probably rap and wear burgundy certainly
He wants the mic like male ministers, cold dude but spit raps hotter than hell temperatures, real sinister
Yeah he'll be rappin' for good, it's better than selling brick with n***as back in the hood
His act is as good
As Charlie Chaplin slapping the wood, the slapstick rap sh** yeah we about to be on Rapfix and-
[cough, cough]
Oh sh**, man what's happening to me

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