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$IR DAJON - Flu Game lyrics

Yea...Flight Squad

[Verse 1: $IR DAJON]
The packagin' of rap is gettin' ripped open
Quit mopin' when I spit the stuff to leave ya lips swollen
Cringe over, when I get the rope and then I sip cola
It's either (ether) a takeover like Nas when he dissed Hova, check!
I'm hitting ya hard
Like it's the Terra nova test, when I throw the bullet you gon need a miracle or vest
Flight Squad
Invest in the best investment when you hear the best expression you made the correct selection, I'm bathing in recollections
She destined to take erections, I'm calling myself the king like I'm playing chess with a veteran, I'm aiming less at ya section
I'm only tryna get across
But the media stay in ya mouth like it's some dental floss

[Verse 2: $IR DAJON]
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Mechanical harvest
Send him back to botanical gardens let them animals harm him
Then I'm going back and examine the carca**
A pretty crazy bad guy like I'm Michael Jackson, mind collapsin' when I ask him how he let that rifle catch him
This ain't a druglord and this ain't ya idol rappin'
This is just a moment you care about like ya child laughin', the crowd grabbed him
They hijacking a maniac the lame in fact who claim he rap and aimin' at a pain relax
This is my time cause I'm Buffalo reppin'
Yall ain't seen a smoother dude Double 07, come watch me
Kick it at lunch with a couple of reverends who clutchin' the weapon until they hear that muffler revvin'
See no evil if you're color protectant
Evil Knievel even dreamed about a jump over Heavens
All I want is just a chunk of the essence I wanna touch it like the girl that let her uncle molest her

[Verse 3: $IR DAJON]
My apologies, I'm honestly the prodigy who obviously cannot proceed to get this terminology
And probably in college he is failing the geometry he drama free, and praying so that he can win the lottery

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