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$IR DAJON - AlkA Selt$IR lyrics

[Verse 1: $IR DAJON]
I told my mom it's true I'm actually rappin'
She said "It's all good, I know that accidents happen"
She told the pastor over coffee and crackers, they were watching the Packers sharing pa**ionate laughter
It's a disaster
Ain't nobody got the confidence
They told me use my noodle but they ain't know I was ramen-less
I had no common sense like my pockets were still impoverished
I'm at Baskin Robbins while I'm baskin' in the ambiance
It's pretty obvious we opposites in Moccasins, so pay attention
All you Twitter losers probably pay for mentions
I say a sentence got you interested well take a listen
It can make you feel (Phil) good like Kobe at the Lakers clinic
I'm spitting like I'm taking visits to an Asian dentist and I'm cruising in the 'Cedes Benz Ronald Reagan rented
Time will tell
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So I guess I gotta take a minute, guarantee, I don't come up short like a raging midget
No offense when I'm writing and say the sentences I paid my nemesis to go buy me a Sega Genesis my aim is limitless I spit
And it causes sicknesses
I rapped in front of cla** and everybody caught Syphilis, I'm sick of this!
Snotty nose grab the Kleenex, I look up to my idols like I'm friends with Ryan Seacrest
This flow is de-pressed it bleeds on my niece dress
I sleep less and write rhymes like it was a reflex

[Verse 2: $IR DAJON]
What if I told you that I had my dad writing this?
You probably look at me crazy like I'm a mad scientist
I freestyled once and had people liking it, I got to college dropped a few songs and I've been writing since
I'm Daniel in the movies when he had Goliath hit
With a slingshot
FS the team hot, the best MCs stop!

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