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Imagine Dragons - Natural lyrics

Will you hold the line?
When every one of them is givin' up and givin' in,
Tell me, in this house of mine, nothin' ever comes without a consequence or cost
Tell me, will the stars align?
Will heaven step in? Will it save us from our sin?
Will it?
‘Cause this house of mine stands strong
That's the price you pay
Leave behind your heart and cast away
Just another product of today
Rather be the hunter than the prey
And you're standin' on the edge, face up, ‘cause you're a
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Natural, a beating heart of stone
You gotta be so cold to make it in this world
Yeah, you're a natural living your life cutthroat
You've gotta be so cold
Yeah, you're a natural
Will somebody let me see the light with the dark tree shadow and what's happenin'?
Lookin' through the gla**, found the wrong within the past, knowin' we are the youth
Cut it ‘til it bleeds
Saw the world without the peace
Face a, a bit of the truth, the truth
Deep inside me, I'm fading to black
I'm fading

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