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Ice Prince - Superstar lyrics

Anytime we talk say we go rock, we go all the way [x2]

Better cars, better clothes on me
Better parties, better houses and better girls on me
See I can take you there
Champagne everywhere
That's the life we live
Like everyday
Hail am a superstar [x8]

[Verse 1]
Oh yeah we celebrating
The problems are no more complicating
Step on the floor when the ground are shaking
Feels like the times that we over waiting
Champagne life, bottle on me
Step in the club and see the model on me
We making the raps so we blazing the track
So we pop more like set the bottle all free
We don't buy drinks at the bar
They supply us cause they know who we are
Brand new clothes and the best of guitars
Girls on my lap like I play the guitar
See I get paid to go clubbing
Feel free my soda's like Morgan
Blue liquids flow in my organ
I got whip and now I'm over flogging

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[Verse 2]
Fly, I'm in my airplane mode
Shopping everyday, never wear the same clothes
Colours all bright looking like the rainbow
Cameras flash wherever the man goes
I'm so brand though
And I effect the hole entire metro
I'm top on the list, I'm starlet Federer
My shoe rooms got more shelves than tesco
I'm so high, no tree smoking
Genevieve got a crush, that's me joking
Sometimes talk shit when the lips open
But still I'm on your laptops, beethoven
Yeah I'm too hot, you see the shirt soaking
Too many fans up, wondering how he coping
Feel the tinkle in your spin that's me poking
I'm too dope for sorta like me cocaine


Ok my baby lady
Oh so you think I'm fly
That shit don't make me crazy
Yeah, and I'm floating in skies
You like that movie magic
Huh, cause it got much action
You confident and you cocky
And you swag with passion

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