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Ice Prince - Party's On Me lyrics

Let's Go

Everything is surrounding me
People tryna see why everything happened, eventually
Cause everything is on me
Yeah, on the beach everything is all free
Cause the party's on me

[Verse 1: Ice Price]
Sitting on the Beach
Nothing can possibly be outta reach
So, you better stay in your seat
Cause Imma about to drop a dope beat
I feel like falling asleep, under the stars
Party gets dope in the dark
I gotta some dope left in the car
But it probably won't get me that far
Even when I'm a star, the beat still go hard
So don't take it too fast
Yeah, just live it up like it's your last
Like you would have in the past
And catch this beat, before I make a basket


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[Verse 2: Ice Price]
Yeah, everything became so real for me
Even after trying so hard for it
So try and get this right boy, we gonna party all night
People still are tryna see
Why everything happened eventually
So take it back one track
When I said I was gonna get that
Yeah, now you gonna know why I did this all for free
Cause the Party's on me

Party's on me yeah the party's on me
Party's on me today
Party's all free yeah the party's all free
Party's all free today, let's go (x2)

Okay we all gonna take this one more time
Ready man, let's go




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