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Ice Prince - Marry you lyrics

- (Morell):
Get some more bottles, let them get some more
Let them get some more bottles, get some get
Some more bottles
Let them get some more bottles, let them get
Some more bottles
Let them get some more bottles, let the models
Get tipsy
1 - (Ice Prince):
See these niggas acting fly me like say them be catfish
If you rig their mind, you go know say Wande Coal no black reach
Them see me for streets and them no say I no dey lack shit
We in the building and we here till the building collapses
Grrraaaa, i'm the President, badder than the best of them
Riding with the kings, the gunpowder for the rest of them
Them wan make I fall flat, but I'm bouncing the accident
I'm on a song with Chip so you I'm kicking with wretch and em'
Lot of niggas look up to me, me sef, I dey try learn
Some of them dey shiver cuz e be like say na my turn
Them no fit compare me, omo, dada no be sideburn
These rappers say I'm sweet, na me be sugar wey dey dry sperm
Niggas wan dey beef with us, carry am go far away
I dey kick some ass, I no be Omotola Jalade
Manh they wanna fuck with us, but I think it's sorta gay
The way I shine the light e come dey be like say na Faraday
Bad man killer, Ice Prince, nigga
White fans, and I ain't a light skinned nigga
Red eye, me no need advising, nigga
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Fuck with the clique, and you gon see the fight scene bigger
2 - (Wale):
Surulere can relate, Goons out in Ondo State
Take you on the realest so I put a p***y in his place
Yoruba my f**king name, women love to touch my face
I'll be where they cut her to the choppers when I'm in the States
Realest state of mind I'm in, grew up by the monument
When I got my deal, I brought the whole f**king naija in
Now we on a Island with jollof and na me pa*s
Some felines from the Bahamas, me and Ice Prince showing how to live
Kilode, we okay, yeah we straight
MMG, that's my clique, my oga be Rozay
Kilode, kilode, DJ whats that you wanna play
Get my Super Eagle on, start to kick it till the break
Man, a million from a plate, so the city know my name
And my cuzzo call me Dayo, but these women call
Me Wale
3 - (Ice Prince):
You see me for news now i'm the new Cyril Stober
Doubling till the chocolate city shit is over
We dey see for hennessy nor dey mix am with
We dey shoot high high i mean just to prove that
We older
They mistake me off to be dangote
Just me and my b**ch maybe MI or one day
And me i show no pity, i dey wear the same shirt
With Diddy
But that's how you go when you from J town or

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