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Ian McNabb - Right on Time lyrics

Where to? The commander, the Burgundy sky
There was snow on the ground, wood on the fire, there was silence

Something within me was starting to die
Have a look in my hat, no reason to cry, I was in deep

Out of the blue on a white afternoon
You just came into view
Not a minute too soon
I was never expecting to witness the grace
That lived in your heart
Lived in your face

You were right on time
You were right on time

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Nobody lived in the cave of my heart

I was burned out in drag, living the lie I was dreaming

Time after time I would ask myself why
I was looking to fly, as the years passed along with the feeling

(Bridge 2)
Then you arrived like a forgotten prize
I was suddenly drawn, suddenly high
I was never expecting the day to arrive
I would dance on the ice
And feel so alive

You were right on time
You were right on time

Right on time
You were right on time

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