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IAMDDB - Pause lyrics

I tried to take my time
But it's not working, I'ma go and get mine
Money affi mek, money's on my mind
Someone should've warned you this ain't fun it's night-
Mares, running through my mind
Someone should've warned you I am not that type
It's me, myself and I until the day I die
Might smile up in your face but I do not trust anything
Not even my own sight
They don't want you, they want you to fall
But I'm not falling, I'm rising above them all
And now they want my sauce
And now they singing my songs, ah
What did you think I lost, nah
My third game eye strong
And now I'm swiggin' sauce on them all, yeah
Baby girl we started from the bottom now we on top of the globe
Can you see the world?

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You ain't gotta love me cause we
Got the sauce to cure the world, yeah

I don't know who they are, I am clueless
I don't know who the f** I am choosing
You switch sides and then I keep it moving
I'm the greatest, I know they be choosy
I'm the greatest, I know I be crazy
Drinking lean and I lean moving brazy
Pour mo Henny, mo' Henny, I love it
20 20 it's savage ish money
20 20 that's gang, that's fam
20 20 don't trust you in hell
20 20 that doom not that regular
20 20 you gotta be savage
20 20 you gotta be savage
20 20 you gotta be bad
20 20 gone feed you some d**
You come up and you're going just straight back to hell

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