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I Can Lick Any Sonofab**h in the House - Fear'd lyrics

No I never saw the blues and the greens
I just saw the grays and the fakes
But I swore i'd persevere
Lord no matter what it takes
I built my house up on a volcano
And her name was the same as mine
Now that girl she about to blow, baby
And I ain't a fear'd to die
Hell no
Cause I ain't a fear'd anymore
I been staring down the devil
She sure looked a lot like me
But I got her sh**tin' bricks
Cause I got a gang of masculinity
[Lyrics from: https:/**h-in-the-house/creepy-little-noises/feard.html]
True that baby
Cause I ain't a fear'd
I ain't a fear'd anymore
Hey now mister reaper
Won't you get thee gone
The judge house door is closed now
Your sh** is packed up and on the lawn
You been pissin' on my spirit
And it done give me a thicker skin
And I will not be a fear'd
Come time to see you again
You phony motherf**er
Cause I will not be a fear'd
No I will not be a fear'd

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