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I Am Legion - Foil lyrics

[Verse 1: Metropolis]
Fly girl, youth though
Waiting on a 152 home
All dressed up in her school clothes
He drooled so, when he cruised slow

To him she was just a gash to draw, she
Gave it up and he knew so
To her, him a chance to explore
He raved it up, she wanted to go

It went too quick, ended too cold
Tear drops splashing on her new coat
That one gift, he threw a bone
Then that one split and left boo alone

Locked her off and soon flew the coup
So never could know she went juno
Screaming baby and a new home
But thats just the life that you chose

[Hook: D'Ablo]
What happened to all of those faces
That we knew, that we knew yeah
Maybe they came to an end
Or the sky is grey above them

[Verse 2: Orifice Vulgatron]
Age 10 new home, new school in a new town
Again uprooted from what he new
He the new boy f** a school clown
But that was it, his only choice
Get eaten up or play the fool boy
Every few months had to move on
No real friends just the new boy

Let me set the scene, pops away
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Weeks at a time, no calls for days
Moms at her wits end watchin' waves
Tears on her face bettin brushed away

Now she tucked away, gettin' f**ed for days
No real love ca she's gone waste
Every few weeks tryin'a duck a case
And you wonder why the kid turned astray


[Verse 3: Metropolis]
He came up a young buck, with bum luck
A violent fixation with nun-chucks
That'd puff nuff, bust and cut stuff
The day he made it through his teens he was dumbstruck like...

Must've a been a right from a past life
Husslin' and fights, couple heists reachin' vast heights
In the underworld.... How he wondered
If he'd ever make it out the game and or love a girl

But then things switched up, when she was born
Finally seeing he could reach the dawn
Changed his ways, a weakness, they'd wait for days

Months 'n' 3 years planning the details
Coz payback was the real tale
Sat camped and tooled up outside her school
A lone dove spread its wings and flew


[Bridge: D'Ablo]
All of those innocent faces
That we meet, that we meet yeah
No one has the right to judge them
They are, they are, they are, the only ones

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