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Household - Trials lyrics

This moment
This time
Make it anew O God carry me through

And I know
That every minute lacking movement is meaningless
And I can't afford those anymore
Cause my past has pardoned
And my future is assured
Tears down these walls
Tear down these towers of pride
I'm sorry just carry me

So act light on that grace
Like a majestic ship coasting on open waters
My gaze, help straighten
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And I'm willing to alter

Suffering all amounts to nothing
Compared to the warmth of your arms
And I swear tonight will be a night
I side to be on your side as time's not mine
Oh God grant to me passion to burn to love


These therapeutic sessions with you
All their reading of my life
And spitting out
Love, joy, and peace
From on the inside
I will not conform to those patterns
In fact, you can have it all
Take the world, but give me Jesus Christ

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