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Household - Reservoir lyrics

Be Honest, Kind, and True
These three I too see as a value
Hollow times beg for fulfillment

I will make good
That's what we tell ourselves
Its been a long while
A waste of time
Our passion's gone sour
Is it hard to find the words to get you by and not feel guilty
Pass by Pass by
Those words scream from inside
Have i never let the might of God transform and flow?
Kindness truly comes when the Spirit takes hold

I can't live in the past where I've neglected grace
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I look forward to the times
Unity I'll embrace
We are a family
Bonded by the truth in our hearts
Steadfast we run so far

I have been set free
Peace belongs to me

Ignoring every lie
Look me in the eyes

Be Honest, Be Kind, Be True

I won't go back

This peace will last forever

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