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Household - Discretion lyrics

[Verse 1]
I feel greedy
For ever believing
A faith of comfort and certainty
I'm guaranteed a life long future
If you please
This is all for a piece of mind
This is all for just to keep me quiet
This place holds a cross overhead
Have I learned to trust the one
Or the man held by it?

Where are the free ones?
What is your true law?

I just like that all confused and lost
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I'm stuck between two roads that will cost me
Make my mind motivate my bones
May my veins pulsate with every breath that I own
This is not my desire
Blinded or shallow
Call it what you need
I'm running towards clarity

Hold your hand up to the light
Find it true and hold it tight
Trust yourself with inward questions
Test your doubt
Turn and fight
He's guided my faith thus far
You've guided, so take my plea

[?] looking for a hand to hold

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