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Hop Along - Horseshoe Crabs lyrics

Hey, did you hear me Mom?
Baby's headed home
Against your wishes I went
into the woods

Just look at my face
A vegetable
beet red
I know you gave me
money for the motel
But I came here instead
I came here instead.

What I wanted when I left you
brushed by
so close
With the money I got pretty gone
and bloodied some
poor actor's nose

One night in the park
the pellet gun
took out an eye
I came undone
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One college kid
came to see me.
He pa**ed me that nylon string
asked me to play him something.
So I tried my hand at “Blues Run the Game”
I barely made it through it
Then he had to go back to his parents' house

Woke from the dream and I was old
staring at the a**crack of dawn.
Walked these streets up and down
looking for Paul Simon

All I found was myself, lost in time
I tried singing my songs but I lost my mind

What have they done
with my jealous one?
Who is gonna talk trash long after
I'm gone?
When I was young
they used to find me
pitching horseshoe crabs
back into the sun.

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