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Hop Along - Get Disowned lyrics

What brought me in here? In the morning
My heart looked bent please
Don't tell my parents
My friend says you dont wanna
Know who you are
When it comes down to it i got an

Uncle, knocked out
A bear with a frying pan
His wife is his best friend

Nobody ever sees him
Except in september
For one weekend
That's how it's done

In the Pocono mountains
In the sixties. Fathers in station wagons
Cut the corners hard
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Past broken firs long before
Burned stark. And the only
Shapes moving were
The ghostly forms of cattle
Walking in the dark

One whole family used to
Sleep upon this floor from the
Kitchen to the door

Elvis never gave an encore
Greater than my love
Gone out the door
Is the love that I've ignored

Elvis never gave,
Elvis never gave an encore

Meteor, meteor
Make me young, make me young (x3)

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