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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - No Hooks lyrics

My Rollie mixed with Swiss and African
Pablo, my last name is Majesty
These b**hes treat me like your majesty
You ignorant, I do the backward flips
The Acura got me accurate
I used to traffic, now I package it
I'm politicking, switching continents
Got different plugs internationally
They smell the dope that I'm cooking by the fences
Had to go buy acres for where I'm living
I bought a mansion and I wasn't even trapping
Neighborhood watch say I'm beating my children
f** it, trap right in front of the building
Got the white girl for the young like Matilda
A trip to the country with trunks of the midget
Shoot them a three like my name Reggie Miller
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Granddad was a gangsta
What the f** you think that made me?
R.I.P. to Pops
He taught a younger child how to whip up them babies
Never clocked into a nine-to-five
Go get the clock, turn the five to a nine
Strap on me, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
The dispensary and the pharmacy
Professor in chemistry
A lot of these f** n***as envy me
The junkies need me for their energy
Your b**h popped the molly with Hennessy
Text me the next day, she missing me
b**h better miss me
Trapping, I'm trying to get rich or die trying
Vitaminwater and Coca-Cola like I'm 50

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