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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Master Sensei Intro lyrics

[Produced by Spiffy Global]

No such thing a bad student, only bad teacher
Teacher say, student do

Young n***a
Louis bag having n***a
Louis duffle bag
(Hold up, Spiffy on this motherf**a!)

Coming with an 18 wheeler, I need some water back in
Wrappin' and trappin' I'm goin' and breakin' up the front, ain't nothin' but back in
Got a Louis bag with nothing but bags in
I get it dirt cheap, why the f** you be taxin'
Free Bloody Blood, he got locked up for trafficking
Jamaican weed plug, get the bricks from Africans
Put the trap in a choke hold, got 'em tappin' in
Ran out of them percs and I'm back on the vicodin
Everything I do, these n***as be bitin' it
Go in the booth and off the top like I'm writin' it
sh** on my mind, I can't do sh** but grind
Chopper on me n***a, ain't finna take mine
Up all night then I sleep in the daytime
Trap out the trap phone, ran out of checklines
Aunty need a percocet for her spine
If it ain't bout money, don't come wasting my time
Got my lil' baby brother with a lil' baby 9
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Pimp out my money, I need every dime
p**y a** n***a get from round
I can't f** with you n***as, you ain't one of my kind
Dash on the work like I'm Deon in his prime
Hit the trap with the bricks, hard punchline
These rappin' a** n***as be lyin'
Lent me the work 'cause he knew it be flyin'
Drankin' that Hi-Tech while y'all get wine
Fish in the coupe, when I'm cookin' I'm fryin'
Trappin' hard 25-8, overtime
200 [?], it ain't no finish line
I go to Jeffrey's, I don't wear the finish line
I want platinum cookie, but I'll take any kind
Dabbin' in latest fashion with a hundred dollar line
VIP, never waited in line
Got a box comin' in with a dime
My young n***a gave me 3 cent, it ain't a dime
You're a snitch a** n***a, I can see it in your eyes
Cook up the dope, it gon' ride
Put on Tom Ford like the master of disguise
Strapped up with gun, I'm goin' on knife
Sold out a partner, it come with a price
Count a roll n***a, we countin' 1, 5
I got the baby, these n***as just whinin'
Got on j**elry like I'm already signed
Master Sensei, I break up the bricks
Take out the 9 and spend it at fifth
2 Glock 18s on me like I got hips
I'm in the hood where the journey begins

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