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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Mony Powr Rspt sh** lyrics

Hundred thousand worth of j**elery
Red diamonds to show it so you know they insured
They styled up in Designer galore
Used to be broke, but I found the cure
Everytime I pull up, I pour up a four
Bad b**hes like their Louis galore
You trapping backwards, I just fast forward
Focus in the Ford and the Honda Accord
Everything you want, I got it and more
Back in Atlanta, they know me in every store (they know)
Red bottom walking down to the floor
I take that PJ to France, Bonjour
Freshest n***a, Fashion Week in New York
Having gas like the Shell by the shore
Doing sh** n***a never did before
Money, plugs, and guns, I'm ready for war
Off-white whip like I got it from Virgil
p**y so good, she make a n***a fertile
Cut the white girl like the O.J. murder
Platinum cookie roost, color purple
.38, still got this shell like a turtle
Cut like a migo, my b**h, she a Persian
King me, jump a n***a like a hurdle
Real n***a looking to cut a bird
I've been had Designer, I've been splurging
I'm baking the cookies in the honey bourbon

Burnt out the b**h, in this b**h doing circles
Big face, Tom Ford, Steve Urkel
I got rich when they said I wouldn't be sh**
Street n***a, I would run on the cement
I see it, I want it, you know I go [?] sh**
Beige stick with a brown clip
How 'bout I be on the bullsh**
Free my n***as locked up, they some convicts
Hoodrich and I'll never switch
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I f** on that b**h, now she DrugRixh
Shawty with the plug, buddy the lick
I catch her and that belly gon' go on this sh**
Designer Drugz, pour a four of this sh**
I might stop trapping after a couple of bricks

Too many hundreds on me, I ain't flirting
Think that b**h told me she can't get a Birkin
Cooking the lean, the Xans, and the Perky
Colored top, wasn't acting real nerdy
This sh** is so dirty
You can't hit it, you thirsty
Little n***a, which one is you working?
Off-white with the journey
Bad b**h don't do the t**ng
I put the forty in her purse
We kept a dub off a birdie
OG James Worthy
Jewels dripping, make her thirsty
All I bet is for mercy
All my [?] know I'm working

We got more guns than an army
Foreign b**h look like Kehlani
I'm sipping on gin and no Bombay
When that sh** get sticky [?]
Chopper bullets, it might knock off an arm
I'm another n***a with a firearm
You better be humble and listen to Moms
Been off the porch, ask Uncle Rob
I don't need no mask, they know that I rob
Everyone got guns in my entourage
Walk down the street, we don't shoot from afar
Heat this sh** up in a rental car
Chanel slippers when I step in the car
Been slipped up, bet you see a star
Remember going to school in a stolen car

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