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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Hoodwolf (Intro) lyrics

Feat : Danny Wolf

Hoodrich sh** n***a, rich hood n***a
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Pablo Juan n***a
f** goin' on, HoodWolf
Go 'head O
Danny I see you
I'm sayin', n***a wanna be famous, gotta put a n***a on the news n***a
I'm sayin' f** n***a, yeah, yeah

New chain, I call it Joe Frazier
Whip the dope, beat the pot like I'm Bojangles
The price of fame, he won't be famous
Put a price on his head now he with the angels
FN plastic the Glock, it's stainless
Moneyrag on my new chain b**h I'm bangin'
Still on that bullsh**, we armed and dangerous
Internet gangsters, that's real entertainment
Real street n***a, feds watchin' every angle
Biscotti, Gelato, it look like a mango
12 tappin' my phone, had to switch up my lingo
Catch him and call out his number like Bingo
Bought a new coupe, same color the gringo
Bricks on the north side, I f** with the Migos
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Short money n***a, you Danny DeVito
Headshot, wrap his a** up like burrito
Pull up on the plug, get a bird and it's fly like a eagle
He think we cool, I'ma get him, I'm evil
Whippin' that dope, same color white beetle
Dive headfirst in the water like a seagull
Serve you a sixteen like it was a feature
Got on the ice and a heater
Got money, plugs, and guns, b**h I don't need you
Pop, there go the weasel
n***a I know your mama taught you better
Shoot, I hit in the head like a header
I f**ed on his b**h as soon as I met her
Still in the hood, you know I'm with whatever
I'm pushing heavyweight, you light as a feather
I'm a king, you playing, it's chess, not checkers
These n***as they be flexing like wrestlers
Baow, hit him in the head, call a stretcher
I hope that boy got Progressive (I hope he do)
I got white girl for the low like molesters (white girl)
Play with the gang and you won't be successful
Pull up, my shooters they geeked up on 'Tuss
Cut off a finger, he touching the treasure
Make it his trigger finger, even better
Cut off his dick, he a snitch like Shredder
Bullet shower, you gon' need an umbrella

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