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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - In The 6 (A Lot) lyrics

[Chorus: Johnny Cinco]

Ride through the 6 with my woes
I'm in the 6 with Pablo
Tryna get rich off the blow
Tryna get rich off the road
Robbin' them sticks on the low
I need a plug on the low
I need em in by the boat

[Chorus: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]

[?] Shawty Lo, OG limbo how low can you go!?
Truckload of mid from Mexico!
Ridin' through the 6, I'm counting rolls!
Turnt' that sh** up by my woe
Me and Popi 'bout to po' up a fo'!
Tryna put it on the road
I'm on toes serving sh** at my shows!

[Verse 1: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]

I think I got early Alzheimer's
I ain't even mean to make the pot shook
f**ed around skipped every cla** but home economics, I just wanna learn how to cook
Walk in this b**h dressed like Captain Hook
I'm smoking cookie p**y got your cookies took
Swinging the trees like its Jungle Book
Drinking lean, got the old bills, Dr. Huxtable!
[?] get robbed, p**y n***a gullible
Pablo pull up in the "what the f** you do!?"
Wearing "what the f** are those?!"
Riding through the 6 with my woes!
Bombs everywhere like its a minefield, I make the trap explode!
b**h look like Kelly Rose, I sell it topenga in Minnesota!
Imma cook it 'fore you come a lil' over
Stay in the kitchen might smell a lil' odor
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Crack rock, break it down into boulders
Now these b**hes wanna act like they know us
Dope on my clothes, work it well like I'm holdin'
I'm at the witness door, like Jehovah!
AK hundred round strap on my shoulder
Shoot everything over shoulders

[Chorus: Johnny Cinco & Hoodrich Pablo Juan]

[Verse 2: Johnny Cinco]

I'm the realest n***a ever did it
I was really juggin' in the city
I was having [?]
Everything I say I really live it
Hundred band jug to be specific
I could plug each and every city
Get them things for the Kelly Griffin
20 chains, b**h I feel terrific
It's a plain Jane, it's a difference
I got b**hes, ain't no difference
I could tell that she ain't know the difference
Parked the Lamborghini, snatch your feelings
Hundred hoes John & Popi wit' em
Indoor pool, heated swimming
Lotta' choppers, no alarm system
I been running through the 6 with my woes
I was in that Bent with the hoe

[Chorus: Johnny Cinco & Hoodrich Pablo Juan]

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