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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Trap Dab Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: Offset]
The work, it do magic like Criss Angel
I'm sellin' more chickens than Bojangles
We shoot the chopper from your head to your ankle
So many chains on my neck, they get tangled
I'm in Atlanta sipping Texas Ranger
To Atlanta cuz my goons, you can't tame 'em
My n***as bangin' GD, twist your fingers
Mystikal 45, that b**h come with danger
So many b**hes they callin' me gigolo
Got a fox on my back, not talkin' Vivica
All of these n***as they mimickin'
Most of the money got energy
Whippin' up chemicals
Swag is not usual (wow)
Devil on my back f** Lucifer
Jumping and capping out these cubicals
Never made honor roll
I'm at the top and you falling like dominos

[Verse 2: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
I lost my feeling for women
When I learned how it feel to thumb thru the Benjamin
Due to the fact that my Rolex a fifty
Arm & Hammer like I'm John Henry
Professor Klump pockets, I'ma chemist
Racks on me like I'm playing tennis
Hundred thousand on my new Bentley
Spend a hundred thousand on my friend b**h
Gold like I'm Shabba on Africa, diamonds, canary yellow like the sunset, shinin
I'm selling 16's, ain't talking bout rhymin'
I'm looking for droughts to change the climax
No comprendo if you ain't about peso
Got the clay and serve the four, call it Clay-Doh
I think I heard my front door
Go get a skurr, 100 bricks for Diego

[Verse 3: Jose Guapo]
Speaking of the yayo, Young Guapo Young Guapo he all about peso
Switcharoo on your main b**h, me and my n***a, hell nah I won't date hoes
You speaking about Christian Louboutin, we get em in by the caseload
I'm a boss like Rozay, Young Guapo got n***as on the payroll
We used to it, not new to it, just stacking out the paper
Wen't from standing on the block, to smoking OG in skyscraper (top floor condo)
My n***as got beam, no lasers
Cavalli my jeans, ten chains on with a Versace blazer

[Verse 4: Peewee Longway]
(Longway, b**h)
Longway reloaded, blood on my blue Benjamin like a Crip runner, trap will blow his out
Balenci' Givenchy, I trap it down
Five naked b**hes give me bubble bath, Longway Nino Brown
Put the foot in the cage just to break a pound
Fiendin for it, they want brown sugar
Sneakin' N Geekin' on Sugar Hill
b**hes s** my dick tryna get it shooting
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Longway put the b**h out with the work
Pablo my plug and Mr. Pablo, Call that little b**h Susie choosey
At the Chevron rolling up a doobie
Taking pictures, this ain't no camera, you a movie
Longway goin' thru groovy
Longway gone, boy you groovy?
And my backwood stuffed crushed fruity
And I don't wanna f** the b**h if she ain't Cuban
The b**h gon' juug me a cuban
And my Rolex Luger
Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate three scoops
My diamonds confused her
She think she on ruffies
Diamonds from Africa, shine from Africa
Fresh out the banana boat
We come for the dope and we come from sinise
I make the white boy jump and my wrist a kilo
I have them bow down to me like I'm out on in dimensions
Choppin' bricks at the penintentiary
Damn, a young n***a tripping
Over a hunned of ‘em f**in with the b**hes
Hold it down, these n***as snitching
I'm the reason why you n***as cripping
Young n***a do it for the hood
Chopper with a wood grain
Young n***a Bangkok, call me Hancock
Chopper still got the shaking dreadlocks
You b**h in the film for the bedrock
p**y a** n***a caught a case, said he's deadlocked
Turned around, shot them with the same Glock

[Verse 5: Quavo]
Longway said he shot them with the same Glock
Young n***a feeling like 2Pac
I'm still with hitting n***as with the re-rock
Worked around a Bentley, work in a tee-top
They going in frantic, but don't panic
They calling me Quavo, the stick 'em up bandit
They want the chopper, I let them have it
We hop on the PJ, touchdown on Atlantic
Tried to hit the sprinter now its bulletproof
Tryna f** the Migo, better n***a shoot
Deuce deuce, pocket rocket in the VIP booth
Now you wanna ask me what you do
Water diamond like a swimming pool
Had to spend two thousand for Margiela - shoes
Young Quavo whipping up the chemical
Hell nah, n***a never finished school
SRT Audi, I'm dabbin' in it
I got your b**h, wanna leave her junkies in it
Mama she told me "go get the b**h"
I putted my wrist in the water, it started swimming
On the north side we were really getting it
And I'm sunken, I'm spinnin it, Longway in it
We were road running, f**ing up the city
Migo, Pablo, Guapo, Peewee independent

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