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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Trap Dab 2 (Intro) lyrics

[Verse 1: Quavo]
I don't really f** with n***as, and I don't really f** with b**hes
f** the fame, I want the riches
I turned myself to a young Diddy
Young rich n***as in the building
Yung Rich Nation, is you with it?
Yung Rich Nation, is you with us?
Chopper gon' turn you to lettuce
Just wait on it n***a, you better be patient
My diamonds ancient
Walk on the North and they banging
Trap out the bando, we slanging
You n***as should go to the medical
You put your hoes up on a pedestal
They cuffing 'em, arresting 'em
I smash 'em, I get the best of 'em
Dreams, I woke up in Raris
And now I'm swerving in the lanes in 'em
With fifty chains and bad b**h, and she say that she want my purple pickle
Oh, my diamonds like Skittles
Green diamonds like the Riddler
Fifty bricks in the Fisker
Keep a shooter Derek Fisher

[Verse 2: Jose Guapo]
Keep a shooter with a semi
Pull up trapping out the Bentley
He got the birds, and he got the pigeons
Out in Dallas moving Dirk Nowitzki
We take the hood on if I'm moving that base
We want them cookies, we fly to the bay
You come around us and you watch what you say
We pop us a seal and we pour out the pint
I don't give a f**, I got tats on my face
Money to blow and got money to waste
Money to count and got money to make
Young rich n***a, put a stack on my plate
Go back and forth and we never debate
Now she wanna f**, then I told her "too late'
Most of these n***as be fake or two faced
You try one of my n***as, get shot in your face

[Verse 3: Rich The Kid]
I just touched down from LA
The cookies I smoke from the bay
They saying I'm very important
Don't see me if you wearing them forces
Rich n***a, I'ma buy the b**h some red bottoms
If the Rollie tick tock then you ain't got a problem
F&N, point blank range headshot
You ain't seen 'em on the block then the feds got 'em
You touching my coke, and that's dangerous
She got the dope in her anus
I got the paper with too many pages
You n***as just wanna be famous
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Your b**h, she'll ride like Six Flags
Stand on the block, I'm still trapping the gas
Walking around with a whole lot of cash
Still asking them why are they mad

[Verse 4: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
Shoot at these acting n***as, Tyler Perry Taliban
Go to Dallas to Houston like I'm Jason Terry [?]
Damn, my lil n***a gone drive them bricks to the mayor
Harry n***a shoot like the sheriff
Twenty choppers with banana clips
I declare n***a guerilla warfare
I put the bells in the air
I'm in LA like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Ed Pryor they rare
This ain't Beverly, this Moncler
Went Louboutin shopping, spent brick fare
Key to the city, got 10 pair
Plug just sent me ten thousand Xans
Came in a teddy bear
Hit me a lick and went to Africa to go get diamonds like Sincere

[Verse 5: Skippa Da Flippa]
Dab Flippa daddy, trap out the Caddy, if you need the skrrts then just send the address
I got three accountants, they do the adding
Fill in my cookie dough, don't do the [?]
Migo mansion came with a golf course, Porsche truck came with good suspension
Throw the judge a bankroll to trim down the city, if he was shooter you'd know it's no witness
So much gold, think that I was from Egypt
Me and Benji best friends, you know that I need 'em
Free all my n***as, don't play with your freedom
Fifteen hundred cash for the first one that beats us
Stop drop and pop, you think I'm Kyrie Irving
Me and Takeoff popping seals like they virgin
Slaying the p**y like I'm Kendrick Perkins
She bad and suspicious but which one she working

[Verse 6: Lil Duke]
I'm from Atlanta
We toting them hammers, addendum
Pour up a 4 right inside of a Fanta
I got the keys to the city, no janitor
Never been, but I got b**hes in Canada
Running around the city like a damn animal
Go out in public, they pull out the camera
Pull up and hop out, they staring
Young n***a fresh out that brand new McLaren
We sipping lean out no beer
Pop a Percocet and hop on the leer
I am Lil Duke, and lil b**h it's my year
Hop in the two seater, I'm switching gears
Should be a award for dab of the year
I cannot see it, you are nowhere near
Talking about beefing, you riding your sh**
I'ma young boss, ain't going out like Mitch

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