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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - The Hunger lyrics

Know the street real hungry right now
Talking bout like real hungry man
They getting real hunger pains out here
Things itching man
n***a eating n***a plate like
You know what I mean
Gotta feed the street man if you don't do it
Who gon' do it
I'm a hood rich n***a like you scream
Pablo Juan man the plug
Before you say that
You got to say hood tho
See what I'm saying
Do that sh** for the gangster n***a
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The pimps the trappers the plugs n***a
Everybody n***a
See what I'm saying
White collar blue collar n***a chain the color you calling
I love that chainman, straight out the mud n***a
Know I mean n***a is hungry out here
n***a gotta eat n***a what you thought n***a
Nah this ain't that, that ain't this
See I'm saying
Catch me in the whip man hey man
My two feet yo walking n***a
I took that mof**a too
So he better got that sh** first
n***a cause I'm shooting
f** n***a

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