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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Quablo lyrics

[Intro: Quavo + Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
Yeah, Quavo
Pablo Juan
Pablo, huh
Quablo, woah
Quablo, who?
Quablo, what?
Huh, woo! Uh!

[Verse 1: Quavo]
n***as actin' like b**hes
b**hes actin' like n***as
Keep a knife and a pistol
Never know how I'm gon' hit you (no)
Pablo Juan, yeah he with me (ayy!)
He a hoodrich n***a
All the squad, yeah they with it (ayy!)
Call my nawf side n***as
I used to play ball in school
Call me Quavo Warren Moon
Skippin' cla**, break the rules
Now all my friends, they lawyers and Jews (woo)
I bought my young n***as choppas (grrrah)
In the game I've been a starter (ayy)
They put me in the game as a rookie
But I learned how to move smarter (Quablo)

[Verse 2: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
Don't think he gravy 'cause I rap, n***a
Still in the hood with the strap, n***a
Mailman pull up, the pack delivered (do-do-do)
I got more fish than Long John Silver's (I got the fish)
Young rich n***a, white gold, no silver
Call up Quavo, he'll go Matilda
I got enough bricks to build a buildin'
It's Pablo Juan, I'm a hell of a dealer
[?] ice, their Rollie outdated
Me and Quavo spend a hundred in Vegas
K, K, K, my young n***a racist
Maison Margiela with fur, no laces

[Verse 3: Quavo]
We pull up, these n***as be shook up (woo!)
Sniper upstairs, don't look up
You lookin' for your b**h, we took her (where?)
Pinkie ring, sloppy, boogers (ugh)
We bought a ticket to the moon (cash)
Tryna find a way to sneak the goons (goonies)
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I'll pay the tab for the shooters
We put the moon rock in hookahs
I took my b**h to Bermuda
And now she want a f**in' poodle (damn)
Tell Will Smith and Martin Lawrence
We shoulda played the Bad Boys movies

[Verse 4: Hoodrich Pablo Juan]
Pull up in the Mike Lowrey Porsche
They gon' eat it up, full corse
Pressin' these n***as, full court
Trap with a map like I'm Pablo the Explorer
I got more green than a golf course
Two phones, but I always ignore 'em
Look at the menu and place your order
If you owe me then pay me, I need every quarter

[Verse 5: Quavo]
Trappin' early in the mornin', Tom Joyner
If you ain't heard about us, better warn ya
Wake up in the mansion, my floors is marble
Quavo, Pablo, superheroes like Marvel
Geekin' two b**hes, they Marvin the Martian
If you don't get it, that's outta here, dog
The way I love chemistry, shoulda went to Harvard (whip)
f**in' her daughter, her mama Ms. Parker
Quavo, Pablo just like Matt and Jeff Hardy (brothers)
Pablo, Quavo like Capone and John Gotti (brothers)
Quavo Pica**o, Pablo Liberace (brothers)
He dab in Givenchy, I dab in Versace
I'ma go set up trap on the island (woo)
Pablo gon' get the bricks and buy a pilot

[Verse 6: Hoodrich Pablo Juan + Quavo]
O-Dog and Caine, menace to society
Me and Quavo only flyin' private
Young rich n***a, I'm a fast learner
I only cook on the gas burner
We havin' more cookie than Wiz and Berner
Quavo got problems, I'm comin' to burn 'em
Send him a diamond, he tryna return 'em
I'm sippin' the tea cup like Kermit
Trap stars, n***as earned it
Pocket crumbled, 'Fessor Sherman, gone

[Outro: Quavo]
Ayy, Quavo and Pablo
Escobar and Castro
Quablo, Quablo
That's Juan, I'm Honcho, gone

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