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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Don't Touch Nun lyrics

Better be careful what you wish for, n***a
Young n***a ride with them sticks onna n***a
Tissue Paper got me sh**ting on n***as
Came from the hood I got rich off these n***as
Im the Plug, Don't drop it
No Dub, Come get it all
Better hurry before it be gone tomorrow
A thousand pounds a midget n***a it's tall
Sell everything don't touch nun
Drop off the Pack go get the money
Sell everything don't touch nun
I drop off the pack, Pick up the money
Sell everything don't touch nun
I get the bags and my n***as come from the country
Bustin' Down give my youngin a onion
Sellin' everything ain't touching nun

[Verse 1]
10 Traps and they all bumping
3 Flip phones, 1 just for the plugs number
Day shift, Pink Pony
3 Snow Bunnies and they got they nose runnin'
I'm Havin' them bricks but I don't touch them
Spiff outta D.C. but my n***a from (?)
Wrap up the Brick, went platinum from selling it
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I jump out the lam, my kicks incredible
Plug just dropped 20 off, thinking about saying f** it
Why would I that when I make at least a band off of every bag I don't even touch it
Just got a dirty AK blow from Russia
Cap out them bricks I ain't have to do nothin'
One and One Cartier with the VVS custom
Spend the profit from the (?)


[Verse 2]
Sellin' everything ain't touchin' sh**
Give my n***a a brick, See what he workin' wit
Give him a lil tip, Tell him hit 'em wit the baking soda whip
Can't f** with you n***as if I know you snitched
If I don't like a n***a, I'm f**in' his b**h
Two burners, Two Pots, Two wrists
One hanger, One (?)
You a pee-on n***a really worse than piss
I'm working out, put you away wit my wrist
I might be crazy, I think I'm worth more than Ludacris
Go check the resume, n***a I do this sh**
Yeah, I do this sh**, f** n***a you new to this
Ain't gotta touch it to move a brick
I'm doing what you wish


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