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Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Do What I Want** lyrics

Feat : & Lil Duke

[?] don't do what they can (lil' n***a)
Real n***as do what they wanna do
I'ma keep chasing that bag
Pull that sh** up roll a blunt or two

No we not going outside
These n***as [?] f**ed up why they mad
Playing these games you get smashed
We lives with n***as that tote with the tag
I paid the dealer with cash
Pulled out the lighter then [?]
Oh that's your hoe well I smashed
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f**ed in the studio gave her a rash
Walk in the [?] with no rags
I was not checking no tags
Diamonds on me and they dancin'
They takin' pictures I don't need a flash

Ooh, ya, ooh ya, ooh, ya
Walk in that b**h like a popstar
[?] out the top like a rockstar
Smoking OG like a rasta
Poppin' some .30 my pistol
[?] a p**y no they ain't official

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