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Home Brew Crew - Alcoholic lyrics

[Intro: Voice over]
"Hi everybody, welcome to the wednesday meeting, yep yep
Um everybody give it up for Eli, first of all, who's been off
The meth for a whole month now, and his wife's getting out
Of jail next thursday, is that right? Anyway we've got a new speaker
Today so big round of applause for this young man here."

Is this thing on?
It's been about a week now, and
I'm startin' to get weak now
I wake up at 11:30 that's when I start getting thirsty and
I don't know what it is
All I know there's a bottle in the fridge
With my name on it
If I want it

Cause I'm an alcoholic and I know

Yeah Hi my name is Tom I'm an addict
Can't really remember just how long I been at it
I'm guessing that this happened like a pattern that I follow
Cause my father's a fiend, and
So was mum too. So its somethin' like part of my genes
But it's hard to get clean, but its hard to sustain
But at the end of it I really can only answer to me
And it's the way it is I truly learned that
So don't give me all that "Channeling the universe" crap
Thats a load of sh** I ain't tryna' to pa** the blame
Like it's just a part of fate
And I ain't got a part to play
Cause if that's the case then I really can't escape
Might as well just start the day with a gla** of chardonnay
Like my dad does thinking that time can never catch us
Following my nose kinda like my bro Haz does
But I'm scared I'll end up in a home like Daz was
That dude went mad once, but nah f** that buzz
I'm looking for a little more
But sh** is raw
Cause its just a little short walk to the liquor store
A little more to middlemore
My mind keeps saying "this is what I'm living for" but my liver isn't sure
It's 6 In the mornin' we're about to close the club
But we know the owner so we're there until they open up
And that's why I'm broke as f** bank account Golden Duck
Blowing bucks on these d** going nuts tryna' sober up

I woke up Friday morning
Lying on the floor in a one man cell
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He said I punched that CUNTstable
How many lies can one man tell
And now I'm on probation
They got me at rehabilitation
Asking for some explanation. I said
"I just like getting wasted"
So don't ask why I'm stoned
And look lady I don't know
Sign my forms so I can go
Cause I got court at 9 tomorrow
And if the judge is a b**h I could even jump off a bridge
Or go get on it

Cause I'm an alcoholic and I know

I f**in' hate this place
f**in' hate this place more than f**in' ace of ba**
f** what this lady says I bet she's smoked more
Smack than I've ever drunk beer
And then she asks me if I been high this week; "f** yeah!"
I've been high like a pilot
Why try to deny I won't lie I've been wired
Popping E like vitamin c
You wanna read my mind like a psychic
You really wanna know why I get high
"cause I like it"
Does it really take a f**in' Einstein to figure that out?
How much more sh** can you spit out your fat mouth
Who would have known you'd get addicted to crack
What a f**in' breakthrough everybody clap now
Just give it up for jack for giving up the crack
It's been a whole week since he had a huff and snap
Rolled his dead ex-wife in some bubble wrap
Filled a duffel bag with all her husband's stuff and gapped, yeah
It's been a month and they got nothing back
Just a lecture from some alchie in a trucker cap
Tryna' to tell me how to me live my life
Bro cut the crap

Sobriety? what the f** is that?
Can't even spell it bro
I f**in' hate this place like the f**in' Ellen show
Straight up
I f**in' hate this place like f**in' Baby Face,and Eric Clapton
Nah f** this sh** I ain't even finished this sh**
Ya know
I won't go and get stoned with some hippie b**h with ankle bracelets

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