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Ho99o9 - Da Blue n***a From Hellboy lyrics

[Verse 1: theOGM]
Blue flames, blue flames
Propagandists crack your veins with
Silicone 'ludes and loose change
d**h tally down the ally
Shape stalks I'm looking for something sweet
To open you up like a sugar caine
I drew a k**er, satan's legacy, heaven sent?
Nah, heaven's man made
I couldn't call myself a God
God might, triple nine disciples with a sharp knife
p**y bomb tight
Hussain in a palm box smoking pharoah dust
With Heath Ledger's ghost in the lime light
Digital switchblade
Chronic in a trapped jaw
Dig graves with my dick hard, demi-God with a hack saw

Blue flames (x6)
Dee dee dee dee duh (blue flames) dee duh dee dee da dee doe

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Into shadows in the night and I can't get no sleep
Blow-up dolls on my flight cause they f** you for free
Don't want your money just the sounds of hearing you bleed
From the doubles edge blade while you pray on your knees
f** your politics, meet the apocalypse
f** your politics and meet the apocalypse

[Verse 2: Eaddy]
I lost an arm and a leg f**in' fightin' off nazis
The hardest motherf**er out, n***a, no-one can stop me
Until they ambushed me and the lieutenant shot me
Straight execution style, all bloody and sloppy
My body lay in dead maggots, moulding and rotten
That's when that hellfire's torch flame came in and got me
Now I'm crackin' f**ing heads, feel the pain of a menace
Took a short stay vacay
[?] senses
Just came home from Vietnam
Finished droppin' off bombs, Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Quick k**, cut, copy, click, clack, creep, quick k**, recipe, copy
Relapse, reload, resurrection, beast mode


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