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Heaven Falls - Winter's Dance lyrics

Lost in the rhymes of a dead poet
Questions inside
Passing through the gates of mind
The mysteries of being
Are closed into the soul
In the blood of a broken heart
In the songs without a name

Burning in the limits...When agony starts
The loneliness struggles within...In a quest for survive

An ablaze cloud shines
The frozen fire slowly (fades away)
The lies behind the walls of a disguised dragon
They're concrete illusions
Recognized at every turn
The red roses fade to gray
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In eternal desolation

In a velvet dream...Hopeful eyes sleep in time
In the reason stream...Through the last line of life
Runaway seasons
Spoken words still remain...Out of control
The winter soul dance...A ballet of death
In the darkness domain

Frozen blades of serenity...Cut off wings of imagination
Warm winds of insanity
In crystallized tears of desperation

In the garden of fear...A solitary dancer
The scarlet sky dies
And springs a cold night
By the light of the moon...The Winter's Dance

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