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Heaven Falls - Damned Queen lyrics

"Akasha, Enkil!
Keep your secrets, Keep your silence
That's a better gift than the truth!"
("Queen of the Damned- Anne Rice)

From Uruk she came, a hopeless emty soul
A whole kingdom she her own!
Curiosity, questions no one knows
Turned the ladu queen into a bloody dark soul

Powerful immortality, world's destiny control
Using people's beliefs... for her own!
Trough we all fear her, we won't be her angels
Never a lie can save!

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Cruelty in her hands
Envy as revenge
Don't you know we won't fight?

We belong to the same fire
We won't follow your desire
Let then with their dreams
Time will heal their sins
Be just our Damned Queen

We are sinners in time
And can't save all mankind
While the night goes in
And your eyes close in
Will you let us survive?

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