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Harlem Spartans - Why So Chatty (410 Diss) lyrics

[Hook: Loski]
Why, why so chatty (chatterbox)
My spartans, are violent and none of us happy (man down, man down)
I'm jugging I think that im major and all of us trappy (get money)
Hookers and pengers are on us like all of them catty
Man down, man way too wassy (slow down b)

[Verse 1: Loski]
(Get money)
Do jail, do home, do rides
10 toes out in Harlem
Kitty dem see me, ask if im live
I still bring a smoke to the party
Tell a girl to move, cause she might get fried
And snow the white trapper and me
Got Hannah Montana and Jackson 5
Fuck it
Run a boy down like I'm scales
I'll do it in the mains like the juggs and my knives
And she gave me and bro uh uh
Gave her uh uh, you must've been high
Shank same size as Bells
That's bad for your health and so don't get sliced
And soon kept following dem feds
I was out on the grind, making money all night
Hitting shots with bassie on my waist
If I see them boys, I'mma do it on site
And I seen GT from a Q to a half
Through a Z, to a 4, to a 9
Peng, peng all on man like she had me
And Gyal, gyal way too kind
Peng, peng all on man like she had me
And gyal hat me like shes way too kind
Splash on me, same size as Bellz
But don't let me splash your g
Man don't Ps, but the paigons out
So I got my 9 on Bs
Step out with the skeng
And that skeng got a body
But that body weren't me
Dem man are proper dirty
Funny boy Chris Oo
Dem man are Eddie Murphy

[Verse 2: TG Millian]
I never seen your 4 door whippin'
And I never seen your 4 door lurking
See feds and I dash, dash, dash
Fuck jail, I ain't tryna get burdened
Ring trap, put a bitch on hold
This phone got me out here serving
Been on your block with bro
Rude boy, she kept it lurking
In a bad mood, so I robbed man
In a bad mood, so I jerked him
Peng girl talk about love, fuck that
Pipe on, I'm skrring
Tryna bring a line on strip
Ima shut man up like curtains
Free up the bro in the can
I just pray that they don't get burdened
Free GFace, he was out here grinding
Free GFace, he was earning
Peng girl tryna move Hollywood
Tell that gyal just stop it
Dead ting hitting up the DMs
Deader than me just block it
Smoke that am to the face
That am to the face, that rock it
Bust them packs in the day time
Tryna have a swollen pocket
She said that she wants to fuck me
Rudeboy I just made her top it
Gyal getting vex at me
Cause I ain't tryna pay that homage
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Only show homage to the money
Fuck love, I only fuck then I block it
Two shanks on my waist don't panic
Tools on tools in my kit, like mechanic
Hands in the mash do damage
Lurk on your block
Man see an opp, then just slap it
Dead ting deader than blind side
Man can't grab it
Bring me a phone, I'll get you a cat
What you 'bout the trap
Man talk biz for the packs
Can't come to the Ks, get mashed
Got Spartans and the mac
To the boy that lack
I was with savage
Step on your block then splash
Listen, smoke on me and I'm ready
Smoke come long like bells
But man still holds that steady
Man just act for the girls
Hold corn in a mash like tele
4 door ding and a bruck
Jump out, make my man leggy
Jump out make my man leggy
Some packs, sitting in the trap
And he juggs food, got me in the mash up
Everything ting bag up, train journeys with smoke
Pebs dem had to get smash up
Bro get my stack up
Saw the Ps there had to add up
Them brown skinds get chatter
Thought a thank might
Mish, mash I'm trapping, I'm an addict
Any sort of food I can smash it
Hitting bros shots with Spanish
Give me your tools you fools
Any type of weight I'll damage
Boy better run
Five shanks up on the strip
If I'm with lacks and savage
Phone line ringing
Might be Caro, Alex
Maybe it's Arron and addict
Two on one
If I got my shank I could manage
Had man dancing like the Jacksons
Why so chatty?
See the cats for the woods
Like why so catty?
My nigga lights ain't got no chill like
Why so wassy?
Been in the trap all day like
Why so trappy?
See the cats them catch for the buds like
Why so catish?
This shank on my waist good ride
Jumz over there with Bassie
Buss shots on the road
Tell shots on me but the ally
Got am on am on am
I can call from the cally
Can't lack on the road
Can't lack on the streets I'm aggy
Do dirts see ya block on the strip, no bally
Still run man down with the masheen
I can run man down with the masheen
4 door whip man crasheen
Big boys slumped man washeen

[Hook: Loski]
Why, why so chatty (chatterbox)
My spartans, ain't vanished and none of us happy (man down, man down)
I'm jugging I think the mains and all of us trappy (get money)
Hookers and pengers aren't on us like all of them chatty
Man down, man way too wassy (slow down b)

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