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Gyyps - Pray For Us lyrics

[Verse 1: Gyyps]
I woke up this morning
Took a piss and I'm yawning
Reminiscing my childhood premonition performing
My pops would slang in the summer
Tryna provide for my mother
Staying low in the valley
Ducking hiding from cover
Dreamin whippin the Bentley
Can't see no pain through these lenses
Sitting on the pirellis
Paid in full with no interest
Dozen pack of them swishers
We blowing smoke through the ceiling
See my dad used to k** it
All the d** we concealed em
I hope my kid he dont hear this. in 20 years when his parent's apparently been apprentice
Then he finds out I'm careless and gets to smoking and daring his friends and sh**. Is it endless?
Engine sang like canaries
I'm talking 64 hemi
Wrote me up from the celly
Told me never forget me
Now I'm pa**ing him up
Apologies when I'm ready
I Look like 04 nelly
Old as Regis and kelly
Young'n playing the game
Just push start when im ready

Hit me with something to smoke
I think that she already know
That I wanna
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f** all my problems and woes
I ain't gotta
Worry bout ignorant hoes
Cause I got the freshest damn b**hes in the club
2273 that's the team turning up
Shots shots shots take 3 for the whole team
Now you know we going in that's c**aine

[Verse 2: Gyyps]
Came through in the back door to the back yard ray bans and a hat on
Took a uber in a black car with a bad broad f** I'm bout to add on
I got tattoos on my back and arms
All kinds of ink, like krylon
Ex b**h keep crying on
Airplane mode iPhone
Ain't got no time for your sh**
No more problems
Ain't got to look at my wrist for this timing
Because im a drummer ive internalized it
Im waiting so patient keep eyes on the prizes
I think I'm going insane
I got conscious to blame
I been fronting my payments
Buying dubbers and blazing
Now my Managers saving
Keeps my image amazing
Scheming harder and harder
To reach the world star pages
Yo I'm Never pretending, yelling f** to these haters
My skin is an obstacle in this industry ain't it
White boy rapping I ain't Eminem, b**h don't you play me
He be one of the greatest and I be one in the making


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