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Gwen Mccrae - Let's straighten it out lyrics

Sit yourself down and listen to me
Let me tell you what's on my mind
When you were asking I was saying everything's ok
I knew you could tell I was lyin'
I've been tossin' and turnin' in my sleep baby
Sittin' round poutin' all day long
Now I don't expect you to understand
When I don't even say what's wrong
But I'm ready to straighten it out
Let's straighten it out
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Let's straighten it out, baby
Let's straight it out
For the last few nights, honey, when we went to bed
I guess you could tell just somethin' wasn't right
When I turned my back to you and I covered my head
And I didn't even say goodnight
Now it's not that I didn't want be bothered baby
And honey I show it won't you to leave me alone
Instead of cryin' my eyes out, baby
Me and you sugar being getting' it on
Let's straighten it out

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