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GwapMizzle - T O F U lyrics

[Gwap Mizzle]
So many styles I don't need a feature
When I see a bitch she's like "nice to meet ya"
Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets yuh
Beat the pussy up [ ? ] until she leak yuh
I don't need a gun nigga I don't need a strap
Bitch I got hands, I can throw them bitches back
Bitch I'm a lord and my nigga is too
Whip a niggas ass cuz I know kung fu
Who the fuck is you nigga I don't know you
I control the land, I control you too
Hit em with a spear ball, young Goku
Let her suck me up while i'm eating tofu
Uzi on my hip, semi in my boot
Gimme gimme loot
Y'all niggas ain't true
Fuck a Gucci belt, fuck a [ ? ]
All I need is one finger just to kill all of you
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[Gwap Lvrd D]
She call me Gwap Daddy when I hit it from the back
Gwap sauce drippin' off her motherfuckin ass
I'm a nasty nigga I cum on her then I laugh
I'm so disgusting, I can't help it I just am
I got lord powers, I want something then it comes
You don't have no powers you just sit there and look dumb
If I'm feelin' angry I will rip a niggas tongue
If you feelin' angry you will cry just like a bum
My nigga ZayBooty always foolin' with the tully
He will blast a nigga if a nigga try to do me
Killed in my side, you don't really wanna do it
Please don't do it I will leave you lookin' stupid
Super froze wrist with a super gold chain
I don't fuckin' flex but when I do it's cuz i'm paid
Bitches see me shinin' they just wanna ride the wave
I don't talk to people cuz they mothafuckin' slaves

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