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GwapMizzle - Bout It lyrics

[Gwap Lvrd D]
Swang on a fucks nigga, bang on a fuck nigga
I say what you bang, I'm like ugh, lame as fuck nigga
It's the Gwap way, if you ain't Gwap you out of luck nigga
All my niggas tough like some fuckin' monster trucks
500 deep when we hit the fuckin' stage
Got them bitches goin' crazy, got these niggas feelin' played
If you got a fuckin' problem bitch come say it to my face
You gon' have 500 problems nigga it's the Gwap way

[Gwap Mizzle]
You [?]
You think you bout it bout it
My niggas move in silence
We slidin' in and ridin'
Creep on em like iguanas
You duckin' and you hidin'
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(Why the fuck do niggas think that Mizzle won't get violent?)
Aye bitch you was mothafuckin' right
All my niggas keep it tight
Got that purple and that white
Knock his ass out nighty night
Make me boys stop rappin'
Quit all that chibber chabbin'
Got my glocky clicky clackin'
And that my boo, she stay packin' too
[?] Act a fool
Nigga you an acrobat
And a faggot too, cunt
I'm gettin' head with an apron
I can't give a fuck bout' none of y'all
With Gwap Lvrd D that's my brother dog
Damn nigga hit me up, You wanna make a song?
Damn wrong

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