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[Gwap Lvrd D] Swang on a f**s n***a, bang on a f** n***a I say what you bang, I'm like ugh, lame as f** n***a It's the Gwap way, if you ain't Gwap you out of luck n***a All my n***as tough like some f**in' monster trucks 500 deep when we hit the f**in' stage Got them b**hes goin' crazy, got these n***as feelin' played If you got a f**in' problem b**h come say it to my face You gon' have 500 problems n***a it's the Gwap way [Gwap Mizzle] You [?] You think you bout it bout it My n***as move in silence We slidin' in and ridin' Creep on em like iguanas You duckin' and you hidin' (Why the f** do n***as think that Mizzle won't get violent?) Aye b**h you was mothaf**in' right All my n***as keep it tight Got that purple and that white Knock his a** out nighty night Make me boys stop rappin' Quit all that chibber chabbin' Got my glocky clicky clackin' And that my boo, she stay packin' too [?] Act a fool n***a you an acrobat And a f*ggot too, c**t I'm gettin' head with an apron I can't give a f** bout' none of y'all With Gwap Lvrd D that's my brother dog Damn n***a hit me up, You wanna make a song? Damn wrong

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