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Guordan Banks - Fit It In lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I use to wonder why the world just getting better than us
I wonder
I use to think that I would never be loved
My younger sister called me said somebody was touching on her
Said they went into her pants and they started to rub
So she'll forever be touched, forever be scared
Man Cope use us for three wings he get one I get one
The last one we split so together we stuck
We never thought that we would ever give up
Neighbours were asking what we selling that for
Shit they not gonna pay our bills so why they ask us that
And me struggling at a 9-5 just imagine that
I wasn't try to be the nigga those hoes were laughing at
I made my first stack and I never look back after that
Flipping shit like it's acrobat, I'm not your average catch
Glad we establish that, grew up maggots and shit
Had dreams of living lavish and shit
It's crazy how all this happen

I did a lot to get in, do a nigga fit in, I wonder
I put a lot of time in, I did a lot of grinding, I wonder
Will my time ever come, I just wait under the sun
Will my time ever come, when it's all said and done
I wanna know ooh oh ooh oh [x2]
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Am I one of them [x2]
You never know

[Verse 2:]
My life was fucked up overall, I'd showed it all
Played the night shift dozing off
I barely use to wash my ass, had no soap at all
Nigga, was broken off
My bitch stayed down, so she'll get broken off
Have her on speed boats and all
I pay her car notes and all
I'm just trying to stay close to God
Went through lonely nights to hungry nights
I mean suppose I die
Everybody got problems man, I'm just tryna cope with mine
I was tryna do this shit, I needed to
You making progress that's the moment they believe in you
Moment they have faith in you
Moment they count favours and your papers true
Ungrateful dudes
I use to imagine all these shit on the way to school
Way to school when grandma gave me 40c for lunch
Lunch was two dollars, I ain't never have enough
Sit with scrubs, [?]
Teeth wasn't brush, got on my grind like enough is enough


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