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Gunfire - Voices from a Distant Sun lyrics

Just another night before the calling
Hear the voices from the other side
Few words on electric wings
A transmission from a distant world
And the shapes will come alive
At the dawn of a new day we will walk
On the ground of a world we call 'the earth'
And the nature will blow the wind of life
And the rain will fall on open eyes
On the first day of a new age of light

It falls from the stars, on central control
The message arrives, through space and time
It falls from the stars, from darkness above
The code for machines, the answer for men
It will be tomorrow, we'll leave for the galaxy
The children of Heron will ride on wings of eternity

I feel the waves of a million minds
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I can feel the cry of a million souls

How many times you died, how many forgotten sons
I fly on the wings of a dream, I ride the starlight beam
Breaking the barriers, wandering in outer space
Beaming the house of Heron
A dream of illusion, inside your mind
Maybe tomorrow we'll leave this star
The book of eternity, the genesis lines
The wall of this town are tumbling down
The eyes of a stranger, the hands of a child
Where is the end of the main road
Still waiting for the sign still running out of time
Hell is the destiny, for men and machines
Winds of fire burning a jump into nowhere, into the dark
One step through the gates of the storm
Still waiting for the sign
Stand up when you hear the voices...
From a distant sun...

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