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Gulag - Life In Paper lyrics

Who can I trust?
All I see is an empty sky
Who can I trust?
What good God
Don't hear my cries?
Who can I trust?
These paper walls
Are closin' in on me
Who can I trust?
Nothin' left for me to believe

Crooked compa** to navigate
And slanted motive, you narrate
Cross the line to twist fate
Lose the plot as you obdurate
Prop yourself on a turn of phrase
What are you hiding, why're you afraid?
I see a bias lurking in your verbs
Your actions speak louder than your words
As you allege I must object
You are the cause to the effect

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Dot your I's and cross your T's
Build a cage of words, throw away the keys
Paint a picture with foul adjectives
Punish the subject with the subjective
Steal the scene for your pronouncement
Of a sentence for common nouns
But you changed the name before the predicate
An error of grammatical etiquette
I stand alone with my independent clause
She may be gone but I'm not the cause

Left you to roll with your pa**ive voice
Our outcome is not your choice
Tried to set the tone and tense
This life in paper you have spent
Has left you cruel and discontent

Rip the pages right out your books
Blind to your words, deaf to your hooks
Escape the tempo and the time
I cut the bars and fall out of my lines

(Chorus x2)

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