All Gregory Isaacs Songs

Songs In album
A Promise (Is A Comfort To A Fool) -
All I Have Is Love Gregory Isaacs-The Prime of GI
Away Dub * The Ultimate Hits
Babylon too rough -
Bad Da Gregory Isaacs-The Prime of GI
Badness * Warning
Banana Boat Song (day-o) -
Betrayers Downfall * Brand New Me
Big All Around -
Big All Around (Raggamuffin)/Front Door (I Don't Want to Be Lonely) -
Black a k** Black (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Black Against Black Extra Cla**ic
Boom Shot Boom Shot
Border Reggae Greats
Confirm Reservation Once Ago
Cool down the dub - single version -
Cool Down The Dub * Night Nurse
Cool Down The Pace Night Nurse
Cool Down the Pace (10" mix) Night Nurse
Cool Ruler Come Again Easy
Coronation Dub * New Millenium
Coronation Market New Millenium
Coronation Market * New Millenium
Counterfeit Dub * Heartache Avenue
Counterfeit Lover * Heartache Avenue
Cream Of My Crop -
Cream of the crop -
Crying over Dub * Heartache Avenue
Crying over You * Heartache Avenue
Diplomatic Fools * Brand New Me
Don't Come Running * Brand New Me
Don't Go * New Millenium
Don't Go Dub * New Millenium
Don't Know Dub * New Millenium
Don't Know Where She's Gone * New Millenium
Dreadlocks Love Affair Extra Cla**ic
Dreaming * Heartache Avenue
Dreaming Dub * Heartache Avenue
Easy Life No Contest
Extra Cla**ic Extra Cla**ic
Extra Cla**ic (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Faithfully * A Lady of Your Calibre
Feeling Dub * New Millenium
Feeling irie Private Beach Party
Feeling Sweet * New Millenium
First Love A Lady of Your Calibre
Fools Fall In Love * Brand New Me
Free Dub * The Ultimate Hits
Frenchtown Comprenhensive * Heartache Avenue
Frenchtown Dub * Heartache Avenue
Front Door Roxy Theatre 1982
Greedy Girl * Warning
Hard Drugs -
Heartache Avenue * Heartache Avenue
Heartache Dub * Heartache Avenue
Here By Appointment * A Lady of Your Calibre
Hot Stepper Night Nurse
Hush Darling Once Ago
I Am Sorry - 1990 Digital Remaster -
I Do Warning
Idren Gone A Jail * Brand New Me
If I Don't Have You Once Ago
If You See My Mary * Roxy Theatre 1982
Jailer The Best Of Volume One And Two
John Public (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Josephine The Ultimate Hits
Josephine Dub * The Ultimate Hits
Juggling Dub * Heartache Avenue
Juggling Time * Heartache Avenue
k** Them With Music My Poor Heart
Lady of Your Calibre * A Lady of Your Calibre
Let Me Be the One * Warning
Let's dance Cool Ruler
Loneliness * Brand New Me
Lonely Days My Number One
Lonely man -
Lonely soldier -
Long Sentence * Warning
Love Is Overdue Roxy Theatre 1982
Love of My Dub * Heartache Avenue
Love of My Life * Heartache Avenue
Love Overdue -
Love Turns Catastrophe * Brand New Me
Loving Pauper Extra Cla**ic
Loving Pauper (dub) Gregory Isaacs-The Prime of GI
Loving Pauper (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Margaret * New Millenium
Margaret Dub * New Millenium
Material Man Night Nurse
Matey * A Lady of Your Calibre
Memories * Brand New Me
Miss Claudine * New Millenium
Miss Dub * New Millenium
Mix Up * Brand New Me
Mr Cop Extra Cla**ic
Mr. Brown * Roxy Theatre 1982
Mr. Cop (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
My Number One Roxy Theatre 1982
My Religion (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
My Time -
My Time (Dub) Gregory Isaacs-The Prime of GI
n******g Slum (In dub)
Night Nurse Night Nurse
Night Nurse (Cottonbelly remix) -
Night Nurse (Kruder & Dorfmeiser session) -
Night Nurse (Kruder & Dorfmeister session) -
Night Nurse Dub 2 Night Nurse
No Footstool Happiness Come (74-77)
No Speech The Best of Gregory Isaacs
Not The Way Night Nurse
Number One The Originals
Objection Overruled Night Nurse
Objection Overuled Night Nurse
Oh what a feeling Yesterday
Once a Man * Warning
Once Again (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
One Day Dub * Heartache Avenue
One Day Soon * Heartache Avenue
One More Time (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
One One Cocoa -
Open Up Your Heart Isaacs Meets Isaac
Over And Over Again * Brand New Me
Party in the Slum (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Party in the Slum * Roxy Theatre 1982
Penetentury * Brand New Me
Penitentiary * Heartache Avenue
Penitentiary Dub * Heartache Avenue
Permanent lover Once Ago
Philistines -
Poor And Clean - 1990 Digital Remaster -
Poor and Clean * Roxy Theatre 1982
Poor millionaire More Gregory
Por amor al odio -
Pretty Dub * The Ultimate Hits
Pretty Woman * The Ultimate Hits
Prince and the Pauper * New Millenium
Prince Dub * New Millenium
Private Beach Party Private Beach Party
Private Secretary Out Deh
Protect Me * Brand New Me
Rasta Business (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Red Rose For Gregory Red Rose for Gregory
Rock away Reggae Jammin
Rock On No Luck
Rose In Your Garden * A Lady of Your Calibre
Rude Boy * A Lady of Your Calibre
Rudi * Warning
Rumours One Man Against The World - Best Of
Rumours (12" Hit mix) Red Rose for Gregory
Sacrifice Mr. Isaacs
Sad To Know Night Nurse
Sad to Know (You're Leaving) Night Nurse
Sad To Know (You're Leaving) [In Dub] * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Same Old Me * Brand New Me
Save the Last Dance for Me * The Ultimate Hits
Save the Last Dub * The Ultimate Hits
Send Me Back My Heart * Brand New Me
Set Me Dub * New Millenium
Set Me Free New Millenium
Set The Captives Free Mr. Isaacs
Sex Bomb * The Ultimate Hits
Sex Dub * The Ultimate Hits
She Doesn't Want Me My Poor Heart
Six Months * Brand New Me
Slapper Dapper * A Lady of Your Calibre
Slave Master Roxy Theatre 1982
So Long Baby (Bye-Bye) * The Ultimate Hits
So Long Dub * The Ultimate Hits
Soon Forward Roxy Theatre 1982
Soon Forward (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Sorry for the Dub * Heartache Avenue
Sorry for the Man * Heartache Avenue
Storm One Man Against The World - Best Of
Stranger In Town Night Nurse
Stranger In Town (In Dub) -
Substitute Roxy Theatre 1982
Sunday Morning * Roxy Theatre 1982
Sunday Morning * Roxy Theatre 1982
Sunshine For Me -
Sweeter The Victory -
The Border * Roxy Theatre 1982
The fugitive Once Ago
The My Only Lover Once Ago
Thief A Man -
This Little Lady * Warning
Top Ten * Roxy Theatre 1982
Touch And Go -
Tune in Reggae Greats
Uncle Joe - 1990 Digital Remaster -
Uncle Joe (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Under The Sea -
Unhappy Departure (In Dub) [Bonus Track] * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
Unhappy Departure Dub * Night Nurse
Universal Tribulation Soon Forward
Universal tribulation - 2001 digital remaster -
War On Poverty * A Lady of Your Calibre
Warning * Warning
What a feeling -
Winner * Isaacs Meets Isaac
Word Of The Farmer - 2000 Digital Remaster -
Word of the Farmer (In Dub) * Dub Versions (Deluxe Edition)
You're Gonna Lose Her * The Ultimate Hits
Your Dub * The Ultimate Hits