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Green Carnation was formed in 1990 in Norway by X-Botteri, Cristopher Botteri, Tchort, and Anders Kobro. They found singer Richart Olsen and began to play around their homeland. The band managed to release a demo before Tchort left to join black metal superstars Emperor; Olsen left soon after and the band decided to disband. The remaining members reformed as In the Woods... and went on to have a successful black metal career of their own, but by 1998 the original members decided to re-form the band with new drummer Alf T. Leangel. The debut release, mostly written by Tchort, finally made it to stores in late 2000. Although Tchort still managed to start the brutal thrash metal band Blood Red Throne between albums, by 2001 he was back in the studio recording Green Carnation's sophomore effort, Light of Day, Day of Darkness. A high concept project, the entire album was actually one song that lasted an hour, jumping between black metal, psychedelic rock, and goth metal. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

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