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GreatPerhaps - Scooby Doo lyrics

When I was a kid, I would watch Scooby Doo,
harrowing tales of
the mystery gang fighting evil.
Every Saturday morning,
like clockwork I accompanied them,
in my pajamas of course,
to fight crime.
Crooked adults and corruption,
always brought to their knees by heroic
"meddling kids".
But I would always go to bed,
scared of someone in a mask.
So I burrowed into the covers,
and my mind painted me invisible.
The man in the mask would just,
walk in and walk past.
Now I'm too big for that bed,
my covers leave my size 13 feet revealed.
So when a man in a mask is chasing me,
I have to run.
Steamroller steps
crush grey matter sidewalks with each stride.
Breathing like an asthmatic Olympian,
my steps gets longer and longer.
I turn down a dark alley.
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He has a gun,
and the barrel gives me a glare,
like it's offended by my thumping heart.
I see his outline sketched against the dark night.
He's tall, skinny. His eyes shine emerald.
His sadistic smile sits crooked on his pale face.
There are no covers.
My legs refuse to explode sprinting.
My vocal chords tighten shut.
I know, that he won't kill me.
Scooby Doo taught me that.
He 's just a man in a mask.
That doesn't help though.
The word "safe"
feels like a lie.
This is how it always ends,
backed in a corner,
wishing for a floral van to turn the corner
and fix everything.
But this doesn't feel like a cartoon.
Before my assailant is unmasked,
Before my heroes come,
The world collapses around me.
I am under the covers,
imitating "safe"

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