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Born on the 30th of March, 1941, in Rochester, Staffs (England), drummer Graeme Edge is best known as the drummer for the Moody Blues, but has also led his own outfit from time to time, the Graeme Edge Band. Although Edge's love of boats and the sea almost made him decide on a different career path, he ultimately chose music, playing with local bands on a regular basis. Eventually, Edge received an invite from the Moody Blues, leading to the birth of one of prog-rock's most enduring and beloved bands. In addition to his drumming duties, Edge also proved to be quite a sk**ed lyricist, penning the words to such Moody Blues tunes as "The Day Begins" and "Late Lament" from Days of Future Pa**ed, "Departure" and "The Word" from In Search of the Lost Chord, and "In the Beginning" and "The Dream" from On the Threshold of a Dream (in addition to writing such songs as "Don't You Feel Small," "22,000 Days," "Going Nowhere," and "The Spirit"). During the mid-'70s, Edge formed the Graeme Edge Band, issuing a pair of albums, 1975's Kick off Your Muddy Boots and 1977's Paradise Ballroom. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide

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