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Gomi - Superstar lyrics

Here's a toast to living my life like a superstar
Party all through the night just like a rock star
Girl, when we make love it's like a p**n star
And whenever I ball, b**h, I'm an all-star
I'm a superstar, superstar, superstar
I'm a superstar, superstar, superstar

[Verse 1]
I'm on my stairway to Heaven, dear heavenly Father
God had on no Gucci, guessing cause Devil wears Prada
You know ? don't let my b**h get money
I know you want get it, still you can't take nothing from me
A n***a living comfy, hoes imported from London
Half white, half good loving, ? packages shipped to the Runners
? he be straight from Cuba, life is a mo'f**er
Until you finally f** her, found out you shouldn'ta trust her
The lifestyle of a hustler, blow money fast, f** 'em
Throw it up in the air, make it all back before sun up
Every b**h is a come up, no matter who you are
Here's a toast to the trap stars, biatch


[Verse 2]
I'm on my stairway to Heaven, dear heavenly Father
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The devil told me not even Heaven's better than stardom
Got 'em f**ing applauding, had me fooled for a moment
Like so many others, them cameras done turned into photos
I seem them flashing lights, but really what's the motive?
Been motivated all my life, couldn't wait for this moment
Big house out by the water, maybach came with the chauffeur
Now I said ? like twelve summers
We straight from the Bahamas, got me spending like ?
These boys ? go somewhere where we got options
But once I get there, I start to notice my biggest problem
How am I so alone when I'm so surrounded?


Still on my stairway to Heaven, dear heavenly Father
This devil wore a blue dress: Angelina, Madonna
Fame monster, no relation to Gaga
b**h got a lot of problems, money ain't one of 'em, promise
Graduated with honors, she don't drink, she don't light up
We're heavy on that powder, now every night is young
Red murcileago, who the f** gon' stop her?
She's been racing towards an early grave, and guess who's the driver (Fame)
She thought she'd live forever
Like so many stars whose souls we captured on cameras
I need my privacy, sanity matter of factly
Here's a toast to the good life

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