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Goldru$h - On My Dick lyrics

Bra if ya cash ain't right...
Right now dawg shit just fucked up right now..
Dawg you done took a lost when a bitch don't wanna give you nothing...
Tellin' you dawg you can make somethin' happen..

[Hook: 2x]
My money lookin' funny, nigga just makin' it barely
Shit ain't how it use to be, nigga ain't fronting the package
Gotta choke me a bitch outta something I gotta have it
I'm on my dick dawg.. gotta make something happen

[Verse 1]
When a nigga fucked up it's hard fo' him to think straight
Seem like a nigga life in a park when he ain't got no cake
First thing that cross a bitch mind, shit he gotta take
You can stay broke forever, or you can make a shape
Cause when you broke, bitch talk to you any kinda way
You on ya dick bitch, but don't wanna here shit you gotta say
If you ain't built for this street shit, then get out the way
Cause when a nigga broke, everybody's fuckin' gravy
You either get money out here...
Or you fuckin' hate
You think a nigga gon' give you something...
Then keep waiting..
You betta suck up ya muthafuckin' pride and chase it
Cause when a nigga broke he ain't 'pose to have no patience

[Hook: 2x]

[Verse 2]
I don't know if GOD tryin' to punish me, or my luck just bad
I don't know which one of 'em it is, but I need some fuckin' cash..
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I rather be in prison broke then out here without a stash
They say when it rains, it pours than how will it last?
Before I let it rain on me I'mma let a bitch crash
Wit all black on chie and ski mask
The streets judge off what you got..
Not what you had..
I took a lost and it hurt me, fucked me up bad
It ain't no feelin' in the world like loosing ya last
I ain't got no choice, I'm fucked up, gotta bounce back
Seems like it take forever to get to get it..
But you can loose it fast..
I rather a mufucka visit me while sitting behind a glass

[Hook: 2x]

[Verse 3]
That nigga that invented robbin' I bet he was broke
Cause when you fucked up out here..
It ain't no fuckin' joke..
And all bets off when a nigga money low
A nigga willing to take chances he ain;t neva took before
And willing to cross a mufucka for the love of the dough
I can't fault nigga, cause I done did that shit before
If you gon' take it, just be ready to play how it go
It's every nigga for hisself..
This shit cutthroat..
I bet I pass me a nigga for he pass me though..
For every nigga ballin' it's a hundred niggas hunting
I don't know if he told, but these young niggas thuggin'
So why you outta balling, it's some niggas riding lucky

[Hook until song fades]

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