All Goldfish Songs

Songs In album
All Night Caught In The Loop
All Night (Radio Edit) Caught In The Loop
Are You Lulu * Perceptions Of Pacha
Away Game Three Second Memory
Big Band Wolf * Get Busy Living
Brush Your Hair * Get Busy Living
Call Me -
Cantaloop (Goldfish Remix) * Three Second Memory
Choose Your Own Adventure Three Second Memory
Coming Home * Perceptions Of Pacha
Cruising Through Goldfish
Cruising Through (Radio Edit) Perceptions Of Pacha
Crunchy Joe Get Busy Living
Deep of the Night -
Dream * Caught In The Loop
Drive Them Back To Darkness * Three Second Memory
Egyptology * Caught In The Loop
Followers Of The Beat Three Second Memory
Fort Knox Perceptions Of Pacha
From Zanzibar with Love * Caught In The Loop
Games Continued -
Get Busy Living Get Busy Living
Get Busy Living (Radio Edit) Get Busy Living
Giant Leap * Three Second Memory
Goldfish theme song (one verse) -
He's Crazy Three Second Memory
Heart Shaped Box Heart Shaped Box
Heart Shaped Box (Radio Edit) Heart Shaped Box
Highfalutin * Caught In The Loop
Hold Tight Perceptions Of Pacha
Humbug Get Busy Living
Humbug - Cla**y Menace Remix -
If I Could Find -
In Too Deep Goldfish
It Was You -
Just for Tonight Perceptions Of Pacha
Last Tango in Paradise * Caught In The Loop
Love and Hate Caught In The Loop
Mbira Beat * Caught In The Loop
Moonwalk Away Three Second Memory
Moonwalk Away * Three Second Memory
My Rainbow * Get Busy Living
Obey * Caught In The Loop
One Million Views Three Second Memory
One Million Views (Bakermat Remix) Three Second Memory
Show You How * Get Busy Living
Sold my soul Perceptions Of Pacha
Soundtracks and Come Backs Perceptions Of Pacha
Take Back Tomorrow Three Second Memory
Take back tomorrow (radio edit) -
Take Back Tomorrow (Richard Marshall Remix) Three Second Memory
The Four Forty Five Blues * Caught In The Loop
The Real Deal Caught In The Loop
The Real Deal (Radio Edit) * Caught In The Loop
The Rising Sun -
The storm * -
This Is How It Goes Perceptions Of Pacha
This is how it goes - radio edit Perceptions Of Pacha
Three Second Memory Three Second Memory
Times May Change You Caught In The Loop
Trees and Jets * Three Second Memory
Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) Three Second Memory
Wait a Minute * Caught In The Loop
Washing Over Me Goldfish
We Come Together Get Busy Living
We Come Together (Fishy Beat Mix) -
We come together (fishy beat radio edit) (feat. sakhile moleshe) -
We come together (ft. sakhile moleshe) -
Wet Welly * Perceptions Of Pacha
Woman's A Devil Goldfish
Woman's A Devil - Radio Edit -