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Gliffics - Whats Greater? lyrics

I feel inspired by something
I must inquire to take me higher
I feel the fire its burning

Verse 1:
Whats greater then truth?
I heard them lies weigh heavy on your chest
Like its heavy on your breath before your welcome into death
You say your last good bye
Its been a long ride getting by
No conversation, through observation my occupation visionary
I see the world spending money getting fly
While your spending money getting high
Who, what, when where and why happened to you
I remember you from yay high
Can't believe you the same guy I drive by
You dont have to stay to remember where you came from
Just move on dont forget where you came from

Verse 2:
Whats greater then god?
And whats greater then defeating the odds?
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Bulls eye its like a shot in the dark
I said ready set mark, I embark on a mission
And now this one man listen to your smart remarks
All my questions answered with a question mark
No sparks under the mistletoe
I said misses why are your lips so cold?
Calypso what ya eyes done told
I dont belong here
Feeling stuck, feeling froze
Watching time on the clock just go and just know
Whats greater then you is whats embodied in me and I feel

Verse 3:
This a letter from a soldier
High off life ma how could I be sober
Im making history, success is consistency
How I make it out this misery is not a mystery to me
I couldn't vision what I'll do when I reach 20
OG's told me life's got options and now I see plenty
All this smoke clouding up my brain
What I look like sitting on a park bench engraving my name?
Life's got too many roads to slow down and start rose picking
I only got one basket but then again
In the end all you have is one casket

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